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/ 31 января
visit this websiteSure, the month of ours long journey to find out the most romantic track ever made in Bollywood has arrived at an end. The journey was as fascinating one considering as many people reacted positively to the poll; You've received no idea, even Shahid mentioned about our poll on twitter!!
Furthermore, the complaints have been minimal over the number of the songs. We've started the poll with 20 songs and later we added 5 more songs on the list.
Bollywood is recognized for romance; straight from very start, as if Indians might never exist without romance in the lives of theirs. From white and black to modern day era we have seen many talented musicians, directors as well as actors bring the essence of romance in a five minutes long song. In some cases it was about passion, sometimes regarding the purity of emotion, sometimes about dreams and even other occasions regarding poignancy.
We thank all those who have voted for visit this website, pxhere.com, the songs on the list, and we also thank our critic friends(Bobby Singh, Smitha, Nisha, Sourabh & Aravind)  who have helped us to compile the critics top 10.
We have two lists, one critic list and other popular list, both having top ten songs. Let's see critic's top 10 first, and then we'll see preferred top 10.


10) Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai: Pardes [1997]

Credits(Music: Nadeem-Shravan, Lyrics: Anand Bakshi, Singer: Kumar Sanu)